WideScope offers interim management

for human resources departments. We temporarily take over personnel tasks in different areas and at different levels.

In all our assignments, we see ourselves as consultants, coaches and process improvers and do not just work through routines. We regularly switch between interim and consulting assignments and always keep an eye on the overall context of a company.

In the best case scenario, the company has not only bridged a capacity bottleneck, but has also initiated one or the other optimization of the organization.

Typical areas of application as interim manager are:

  • Human Resources Management, HR Business Partner
  • Recruiting, Active Sourcing
  • Personaladministration
  • Establishment/remodeling of personnel department

Our Interim Managers

can be booked part-time or full-time, anywhere in Germany and, depending on availability, abroad.

In addition to time and presence contracts, models for the assumption of individual tasks by interim managers are possible.

Describe the concern and we will find the best model for the company!